EXCLUSIVE: Delivery driver left in hysterics after French bulldog ‘accepts’ owner’s parcel

An adorable dog has left a delivery driver in stitches after popping her head out of a cat flap to ‘accept’ her owner’s parcel.

Usually having to apologise to postmen on her dog’s behalf, owner Lauren Humphrey was surprised to hear how her Evri – formerly Hermes – driver is disappointed when her French bulldog doesn’t greet him at the door.

She told The Mirror: “Darcy constantly uses the cat flap on the front door to scare neighbours, delivery men and to just generally be nosey.

“She is a protective dog and constantly barks when the door bell goes, if someone walks past, or the postman puts things through the letterbox.

“What these unsuspecting visitors do not expect though is her head to come flying out the cat flap barking at them.

“She has managed to scare off quite a few delivery men and we constantly have to apologise for her actions. Most find it quite funny though.

“Our Evri delivery man says it makes his day when she greets him in this way and he is generally disappointed if she’s out and he doesn’t see her.”

When taking a proof of delivery photo, the Evri worker made sure to include little Darcy in shot to make her owner smile when she checked her parcel’s delivery status.

She added: “He has taken a great proof of delivery photo. I shared this photo on a Frenchie’s Facebook group and it got 826 likes and 85 comments all saying how hilarious it was.”

Having become known as the “house with the dog that sticks her head out the cat flap”, Lauren is pleased her neighbours and delivery drivers see the funny side to her dog’s cheeky antics.

Lauren said: “A number of people over the past few years have actually stop to take photos and say hello to her when they walk past as they find it hilarious.

“Our previous house had the cat flap on the front door and we thought to avoid this on the new house we would spend the extra money to get a microchip cat flap to prevent this happening.

“Little did we know, due to a lack of research on our part, this only works on entry and not exit, which we didn’t find out until after installation, so the issue remains!

“It is great every time we come home we are greeted with her smiling face through the door but equally we feel awful when we leave the house and she sticks her head out with a sad face as if to say ‘why you leaving me’.”

But little Darcy isn’t the only dog to have been caught in a proof of delivery picture this week, as labrador Mazie made her Evri’s app debut when ‘collecting’ her owner’s parcel at the door.

Paul Conway, 61, bought some sunglasses online but was beaten to the door by his labrador, Mazie, who has been pictured peeking her head out the door and looking up at the parcel.

The married dad-of-one said: “It looks as though they are delivering it to my dog. I found it quite funny as all you can see is the dog looking up at the package in courier’s hand.”