Mum who told judge she had quit drinking celebrates in pub after avoiding jail

A mum was snapped enjoying drinks in the pub in celebrating after she avoided jail over a drunken foul-mouthed tirade against police.

Amy Newall, 30, was seen punching the air in delight before downing pints of lager at the Merton Inn in Liverpool – across the road from the Sefton Magistrates’ Court.

It came after her lawyer persuaded a judge to let her walk out of court by claiming she was “sorry” about her behaviour and had given up drinking.

She was arrested in March over an expletive-laden and homophobic rant against one officer as she was been taken to a police station before verbally abusing every other officer when she was about to be placed in cells.

During her rampage, Newall head-butted the clear plastic Perspex of a police van and spat on the floor telling one PC: “I am going to smash your head off, you fing grass, you fing grassing bd. ‘You are fing dead you little f**t.”

Inquiries discovered she had a string of previous convictions and had previously been to jail for assaulting a police officer.

Newall, from Liverpool, faced up to six months in jail after pleading guilty to two charges of using threatening, abusive, or insulting words or behaviour to cause harassment alarm or distress.

Newall was given an 18-month community order including a six-month alcohol rehabilitation programme after saying she had a “multiplicity of problems” and was getting treatment for her heavy drinking.

Prosecutors had argued that because of her background and the fact she was drunk at the time and the abuse was homophobic there should be an “uplift” on her sentence.

Newall was later seen at the pub drinking with friends across the road from the court.

The incident occurred on March 11 at 5.50 pm, when officers cautioned and arrest the defendant for unrelated matters.

Miss Amie Gouldson, prosecuting, said: “Due to her aggressive behaviour a caged vehicle was requested. Once inside she began to make threats.”

The prosecutor said that Newall was arrested and cautioned for the homophobic abuse. After arriving at St Anne Police Station, she continued to be abusive.

She told the court: “She was abusive to all of the officers. She called Constable Maddox a faggot. She was again cautioned and arrested.”

Newal has 19 offences on her record including a public order offence from May of last year and a racially or religiously aggravated matter.

In mitigation for Newall, solicitor Rory McCormack told the court Newall had been misusing drinks regularly for a long time, to such an extent that she has been hospitalised for seizures.

He added: “She is cooperating with addiction support services and there’s optimism that she will continue to cooperate with the various services. To incarcerate her now would only be a step backwards and not a step forward.

“You may feel with regard to her record and the uplift that the matter has crossed the custody threshold but if the court were to come to that particular conclusion my suggestion is that it should only impose an immediate custodial sentence if there was not an available alternative to deal with the multiplicity of problems that she has. Effectively, it’s her last chance.”

Newall was also fined £100 and ordered to pay £200 in compensation plus £180 in costs and a victim surcharge.

District Judge James Clarke said: “These offences were aggravated by being in drink, your her previous conviction for a racially or religiously aggravated matter and having had a suspended prison sentence for assaulting a police officer which was breached. However, I note your apology to the police, your expressed remorse and the steps you have taken to deal with your alcohol issues.

“Although you say you have abstained from alcohol since May, the alcohol rehabilitation requirement will supplement the work with the support service meetings and the prescribed medication. This is an opportunity. If you throw this away you only have yourself to blame.”